ESTP Careers 
and Work Styles

ESTPs are fun-loving and mischievous people who love a good party. They bring this same attitude to their work, thereby bringing enjoyment, liveliness and energy to the work envrionment. They have the gift of the gab and prefer to use their hands in their work rather than sit down in front of a computer. 

Being flexible and adaptable, ESTPs don't like to plan ahead. They find planning and strategizing to be a chore, preferring to take things as they come. Because of this, they may be deemed lazy and passive by their superiors or colleagues. 

ESTPs enjoy work environments that use their dexterity and negotiation skills. This allows them to use their tactical intelligence to assess and act as the situation requires.  They feel frustrated and stressed when asked to follow set operating procedures and fixed schedules. 

Top ESTP Careers

Before you get to the top career suggestions, it must be stressed that all personality types exist in all occupations.

Due to other factors involved such as interests, geography, salary and working hours, most individuals do not end up in occupations that ideally fit their personality.

However, if you are in a job or career that is not suitable for personalities of your type:

  • You may experience difficulty communicating or agreeing with your co-workers.

  • You may find communication issues arising in the course of your work.

  • What you deem to be important in a job may not be in sync with your colleagues; hence, the use of your personalities’ strengths in the course of your work MAY NOT lead to promotion or reward.

  • Because you do not feel your work is valued,you may experience stress, dissatisfaction, burnout and lack of productivity.

ESTPs are energetic, task-oriented and enterprising. They are also comfortable with a high level of social interaction with colleagues and partners in the course of their work. With their natural appetite for crisis management and risk taking, the following jobs will attract them immensely:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Auditor
  • Restaurant owner
  • Personal financial adviser
  • Banker
  • Investor
  • Stockbroker

ESTPs enjoy working in industries where their ability to think on their feet is highly valued and every day brings a new challenge. They are adept at crisis management and are flexible enough to respond appropriately to their situation at hand. Some of the industries they can consider are:

  • Police officer
  • Firefighter
  • Detective
  • Air Steward/Stewardess
  • Military officer
  • Ship captain

Being light-hearted, humorous and easy-going, ESTPs are natural in the entertainment industry. They will enjoy the variety of projects and tasks they will be engaged in and they will thoroughly enjoy making someone else’s day through their service. Some of these careers are:

  • News Reporter
  • Promoter
  • Dancer
  • Bartender
  • Professional coach
  • Radio and television talk show host

Specialized Crafts
ESTPs are generally good with the use of their hands. They have good body memory and generally remember things by doing them, as opposed to learning it in a classroom setting.

This makes them excellent craftsmen and adept at jobs that require their dexterity and deftness in the handling of objects or things. Some jobs they may enjoy include:

  • Craftsperson
  • Carpenter
  • Park ranger
  • Forester
  • Farmer

Ideal ESTP Career Environments

Even though you’re in the right job, it is the culture of the organization that will ultimately determine your job satisfaction.

There are work environments that will support your professional development and there are those that stress you out.

When you are applying or considering a new job, consider looking for organizations that are known to have:

Entrepreneurial and Risk-taking
ESTPs enjoy being part of organizations that are pioneering, entrepreneurial and willing to take risks. They like companies that do not punish mistakes in the course of trying out something new but encourage and reward innovation and creativity. Look out for organizations that are either in the forefront of their industries, hence the need for constant change, or careers that naturally require some level of experimentation in the course of work.

Active and Energetic
ESTPs enjoy being part of an active and energetic organizational culture that is always on the go doing some work or project. This could include a culture that requires them to move around a lot and engage different people in the course of their work. You can find out more about their organizational culture by asking your interviewers about daily work life.

Project Orientation
ESTPs like project-oriented work cultures, where the work environment and culture is ever changing based on the nature of the project being taken up. They are attracted to the flexible and constantly changing dynamics within the company. Generally, an organization that works well with several different clients will likely have a project oriented culture.

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