ESTJ Personality

Extraversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judging

This section ESTJ Personality gives a basic overview of the personality type, ESTJ. For more information about the ESTJ type, refer to the links below or on the sidebar.

ESTJs are objective, straightforward and planned in their work. They thrive under established organizations with well-defined roles and responsibilities. They are results-oriented, efficient and competent in their work. While they are gregarious and engaging in social settings, they are serious and responsible when it comes to upholding their duty as parent, staff or citizen.

"Let's look at the facts."

ESTJs apply analytical, objective logic to their work and prefer to work with systems, but are comfortable working in teams. While they tend to be socially active, they shy away from dealing with emotions and personal feelings at work.

To them, work and feelings should be separate and should not interfere with one another. They observe situations from an impersonal point of view and state their opinions frankly. Sometimes, this straightforward approach may unintentionally offend others.

When making decisions, ESTJs use clear external parameters and conditions which are easily observable and understood. For example, they will follow standard operational procedures when working in an organization and ensure that their work falls within those limits. They may not understand people who use their personal values in decision-making; the idea of using subjective criteria that vary from person to person makes little sense to them. These traits make them responsible and fair managers.

"This is what has worked before."

ESTJs are practical and realistic. They prefer to deal with tangible facts over abstract theories and concepts. When dealing with new ideas, ESTJs check these new ideas against what they already know.

They usually trust ideas that are tried and tested and are wary of any new initiatives that are yet to be proven. They may appear slow when processing new information, and may appear inflexible.

"Let's get straight to it."

ESTJs are productive and organized in planning their lives. They have schedules, budgets and plans, and they stick to them as much as possible. Their calendars are often filled with business and social activity which are usually intentionally planned in advance.

Their desire for organization and closure sometimes gets on the nerves of others who do not want to make a decision so quickly. They may come across as overbearing or opinionated as a result.

"Nobody cares."

Their Feeling (F) is the weakest of their mental functions. This means that under stress, their Feeling function may come out in an undeveloped or a childish manner. As a result, they may experience sadness, loneliness or even self-doubt when put under great stress.

Famous ESTJs

Henry Ford - Businessman
Michelle Obama – Wife of US President Barack Obama
Billy Graham – Christian Preacher and Evangelist
Emma Watson - Actress
Alec Baldwin - Actor
Saddam Hussein – Former President of Iraq

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