ENTP Relationships

ENTPs are energetic, upbeat and tough-minded partners who love a debate about ideas and projects. Often seen as fun, engaging and intelligent, ENTPs are always looking for a new project or initiative to try out. Sometimes, because of their enthusiasm, they may make too many promises that they are unable to deliver on. 

Being casual and spontaneous, most people can get along with ENTPs rather well. Partners will find ENTPs to be charming, articulate and have great communication skills. ENTPs love talking about their ideas or projects and to engage them, their partners must be able to hold a conversation about those ideas or projects. They love debate and enjoy people who will challenge their ideas so that they can have a good discussion. Those who do not like to engage others intellectual may feel that the ENTP is inciting conflict or merely disagreeing for the sake of it. 

ENTPs constantly seek out ways to improve a relationship, whether it is by finding new interests together or simply just improving the way both parties communicate with each other. However, they may tend to shy from dealing with the emotions of their partner as they deem the world of feelings and emotions to be overly complicated and illogical. The ENTP’s unwillingness to deal with emotions can be a source of frustration for their partners at times who just want to share their feelings without someone presenting a solution to them. 

For their love of ideas, ENTPs sometimes lack the ability to follow through on them. ENTPs can have many ideas and suggestions about how to improve a relationship; whether it’s going on a special date, heading overseas to travel; however, many times it remains an idea. ENTPs are driven by inspiration and once the inspiration is gone, ENTPs often move on to the next idea that catches their interest. The broken promises of the ENTP often frustrate their partner and may be a point of contention.  

The ENTP’s interest in the realm of ideas mean that they have lesser interest dealing with everyday details in the household like repairing the broken household items, cooking a meal, washing the dishes, paying the bills or doing household chores. Their minds are usually on the ‘big’ projects and their work, and they prefer to leave the mundane tasks to their partner. Some partners may feel this is unfair; preferring that household tasks get distributed fairly. 

ENTPs feel most loved when their partners appreciate them for their ingenious ideas and the ability to problem solve. They will also greatly appreciate a partner who gives them sufficient time outside the relationship to socialize and meet new friends. Better yet, they enjoy a partner who comes with them to make these social contacts.

When it comes to finances, ENTPs tend not to be very good money managers. While they usually make a lot of money because of their natural talent and intelligence, they can also be big spenders and big risk takers in business and investments. The ENTP and partner can moderate this by hiring a personal finance advisor to set aside financial commitments for housing loans, car loans, and their kids’ education while not restricting the ENTP’s natural desire to live big. 

According to Keirsey’s Temperament Theory, the ideal partner for the ENTP is the INFJ, whose calm, compassionate and stable nature complement the ENTP well in a relationship.

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