ENFP Personality

Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perceiving

This section ENFP Personality gives a basic overview of the personality type, ENFP. For more information about the ENFP type, refer to the links below or on the sidebar.

Energetic, enthusiastic and inspiring, ENFPs see life as an exciting adventure full of possibilities. Being energetic and friendly, they often have a huge social network. They have a keen insight into human motivations and are often quick to understand people’s concerns, needs or desires. Their inspiring nature often causes them to rally people around a cause that they believe in.

"This is a great idea! Let's try that!"

ENFPs are excited by possibilities. They often scan the environment and are inspired by possible business ideas or new projects they can embark on. Most of all, they are moved to action when they see that the values of a group are neglected or trampled upon. Once inspired, they have a burst of energy to execute the project.

However, many times the execution of a project isn’t as exciting, and they move on to something else that catches their inspiration. This means that the ENFP often starts a project but does not finish them. However, a different case arises when it is something they deeply believe in.

ENFPs are inspiring people; they often can rally many people around a cause that they believe in. These causes can range from social range, political revolution or simply a volunteering movement.

"This is what I believe in."

These deeply held values of the ENFP is something that most people do not perceive at first. ENFPs can appear casual, flexible and easy-going for most things in life but when they feel their values are being compromised, they will stand resolute and even stubborn, surprising even their closest co-workers.

It is this value that causes ENFP to be such inspiring leaders; they appear to be resolute in their cause and charismatic in their delivery. It is therefore not surprising to find an ENFP at the head of social causes.

"Let's see how it goes."

Yet, for the most part, ENFPs are casual and spontaneous. They are easy-going and will go with the flow in social situations. Unless required by their work, they are unlikely to follow a schedule or plan their finances. They despise standard procedures because they feel it limits their ability to implement their innovative ideas.

"I need to eat/sleep/watch TV to destress!"

Their Sensing (S) is the weakest of their mental functions. This means that under stress, their Sensing function may come out in an undeveloped or a childish manner. This means that they may overindulge in material things or pleasure when under stressed, or they may become overly obsessed with unimportant details.

Famous ENFPs

Mark Twain – Author
Walt Disney – Founder of Disney
Che Guevara - Revolutionary
Ellen DeGeneres – Talk Show Host
Sandra Bullock – Actress
Daniel Radcliffe - Actor

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