9 Signs you're an Extrovert trying to be an Introvert

Over my course of typing people and teaching them personality, I have more than come across my fair share of Extroverts insisting that they’re Introverts. For the most part, it makes for a great laugh as everyone else just rolls their eyes at the Introvert-wannabe. (as if being Introverted should be so coveted)

So just for fun, I have compiled a list of nine signs that you’re a wanna-be Introvert.

1.       You go around telling people how Introverted you are. 

2.       Posting a picture of nature on Instagram with a deep quote about stillness … and then checking it constantly for “Likes.”

3.       Telling everyone about how you’ve travelled alone before… with a whole bunch of strangers on Contiki.

Image source: Contiki.com

4.       Insist that you are perfectly fine staying home on a Saturday night.. and a little part of you dies as you say that.

5.       Insist you spend a lot of time alone.. when you’re sleeping.

6.       Reading a book … so that you can discuss with everyone about it!

7.       Appearing socially uninvolved... because you’re having a massively exciting online group conversation on Whatsapp!

8.       Telling people how tired you are of parties and meeting new people …  after your 3rd party of the night.

9.       Having a meal alone, taking a picture of your food and showing everyone about how introverted you’ve become! 

Yet, no matter how introverted Extroverts want to be, you and I know that we love them and know the kind of fun only they'll bring to our lives! 

This article was inspired by Pamela Foong, a ‘true blue introvert’.

This is a fun article not meant to be serious or accurate about all Extroverts, if you want to understand the REAL differences between introverts and extroverts, do visit the page Extroversion-Introversion.

This article is written by the author of this site Personality Central, who is an INFP, still searching and wandering the world. He enjoys Extroverts as much he does his Introvert friends. 

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