20 Things only an INFP will understand

INFPs can be such mysterious personalities that most people don't seem to get.
Probably just weird or needing fixing, some would say. 

Perhaps this list of 20 Things only an INFP will understand will help you 'get' them:

(Disclaimer: Please don't take this list too seriously. Many INFPs have had various influences in the world to change their thoughts, ideals or beliefs!)

Editor's note: I've been reading some comments on Reddit and other social media sites about the accuracy of this list. Do note that this list is 'just for fun'! Of course some descriptions will apply to other Introverts or other personalities: we are all alike in some ways. Read the disclaimer. 

I, too, know that human behavior is too complex to understand. If you want to understand a more scientific and more general version of INFPs, feel free to go to the main site description of INFPs!

Source: binggojenggo.wordpress.com

1.       30 and still wondering what you’re going to be when you grow up.

2.       You want to live in a farm in a far far away land, away from civilization.

3.       You have ONE best friend that you've been sticking to for very long (or you totally don't get the whole idea about best friends)

4.       You are searching for yourself, and you probably haven’t found it.

5.       Sometimes you really don’t know what you’re supposed to be looking for.

6.       You spend 10 minutes describing your ideal partner, even though you’re already 40!

7.       You think the world is too materialistic.

8.       You want to be spending your life pursuing your passion (which you may not be even sure what is)

9.       Wanting to start learning a new instrument or a new project,
but giving up halfway.

10.   Imagining that one day you can die for the greater good for humanity

11.   Believing that life is all about being authentic and real.

12.   Happiness is in ‘fleeing this world’.

13.   Believing that there is the ‘one’ for you.

14.   Feeling all alone because you feel nobody truly understands you.

15.   Getting really irritable because of the lack of alone time.

16.   Imagining that maybe one day you can save the world.

17.   Needing to behave like someone you’re not in order to survive in this world.

18.   Going to a party and then hiding in the garden to take a breather.

19.   Dreaming about what Heaven will be like.

20.    Wanting to travel the world and never return.

This article is written by the author of this site Personality Central, who is also an INFP, still searching and wandering the world. (in his mind only, of course). He is also the author of the ebooks Type Career Reports and Building Successful Relationships with Personality Type.

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