10 Challenges an INTJ faces 

When dealing with people, INTJs can get somewhat frustrated at the slower, unnecessarily methodical methods of others, which they simply consider inefficient and hence, dumb. As such, poor INTJs have such a hard time living in this world where majority of people are quite beyond saving.

Here is a list of 10 challenges an INTJ faces, when dealing with lesser beings like the rest of us:

1. Having to pretend to suddenly 'get it' when others finish explaining a “new” idea. You when you've already gotten it like... 10 years ago.

2. Needing you to justify every single action you take because it appears so radical. "You know what... this is the right way. It’ll take too long to explain why, but I know that I know this is the right way."

3. Needing to pretend to enjoy shallow conversations. “What a waste of time and energy talking, without talking about anything. I’ll never join this group for drinks again.”

4. Trying to be gentle and nice because you're getting flak for being too serious and intense. *fake warm smile.*

5. Accidentally showing your evil side when you let your guard down. Oops.. you're not supposed to see that side.

6. Slowing down to wait for lesser mortals. It’s like a mental double back after you’ve already reached a destination… Every. Single. Day. “How do these people survive living life at this speed?”

7.  Team work is a drag because it basically means working with incompetent people all the time (i.e. the remaining 95% of the population of Earth)

8. Needing to sit through a brainstorming session. “Bravo! After 2 hours of brainstorming, you’ve finally understood what I tried explaining in my email last week!” (Now you see what I mean about the daily double back?)

9. Having an amazingly creative mind full of possibilities, yet seeing the need to slow down in order to justify everything. “I better not share this idea; it’s not worth the effort having to explain it later.”

10. Constant self-criticism for falling short of perfection. The one person that an INTJ expects most from is himself/herself. This may well be the single greatest challenge an INTJ faces (especially as they mature and realize the importance of building good relationships, where they are least natural). Unless an INTJ finds his/her self-worth intrinsically, this perpetual sense of inadequacy may be very destructive in life, whether for the INTJ or for those around them.

This article is written by the author of this site Personality Central, who is an INFP, still searching and wandering the world. (in his mind only, of course)

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